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Global Groove Orchestra:

Rolf Zielke                  – piano, cembalo, rhodes, keys, whistling
Benny Brown              – trumpet, flugelhorn
Stephan Abel              – saxophone, clarinet, alto flute
Stephan Braun           – 5-string cello
Mohannad Nasser     – oud
Mustafa Boztüy         – darbouka, bendir, udu
Rainer Winch              – drums
Khadim Ndome          – timpani / vibraphone

In late 2019, Rolf Zielke formed the Global Groove Orchestra for the studio recording of his new album Beaches in Your Soul. It reflects his musical experiences in recent years, experiences characterised by transcultural explorations of new music, traditional Arab and Asian music, and contemporary jazz.

Rolf Zielke’s innovative contemporary compositions are inspired by these intense musical encounters with musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Zielke’s music is simultaneously complex, cross-cultural and masterful, but also spiritual, charismatic and accessible.

His compositions and improvisations unfold into unique transcultural sound textures:

  • Polyrhythmic and polymetric structures of percussion, drums and timpani
  • Modal interweaving of oud and cello
  • Powerful saxophone and trumpet jazz sounds, 12-tone piano and cello melodies/harmonies mixed with Central Asian grooves
  • The piano orchestrally links the various tonal levels and styles, and the musicians’ cultural traditions.

Rolf Zielke: ‘Through our creative collaboration, we open ourselves up to the music as it sounds at that moment, without thinking about judgements, viewpoints or theories. In this process, we bestow that moment with an intense expression creating an unquestionable sense of identification and recognition.’

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