Handel Jazz

An inspired fresh view upon Georg Friedrich Händel is opend by Rolf Zielke´s Handel Jazz. The pianist from Berlin grew up with Handel´s music – and encounters him again as a professional well known musician: Zielke compares the live of one of the first independent “freelance” composer and entrepreneur with modern legendary jazzmusician´s vita.

In his respectful approach Zielke opens up a groovy gate and leads with fascinating rhythm into the bewitching world of baroque opera.

About the album Handel Jazz:                                                                                            ‘Bach and Handel would have appreciated this: Hallelujah (from the Messiah oratorio) is the first track on pianist Rolf Zielke’s CD. His sextet’s jazz album is certainly a fitting contribution to the [2009] Year of Handel.’                                                                    (Spiegel Online, 4.12.2009)

Rolf Zielke – piano
Stephan Abel – sax
Stephan Braun – cello
Guilherme Castro – bass
Rhani Krija – perc
Tobias Backhaus – drums

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